Chelsea x Justin – Large Mini/Small Medium Puppies

Ready For Homes Around Late January

A Match Made In Heaven!

We are thrilled to announce the birth of Manor Lake Chelsea and Manor Lake Justin’s puppies! Chelsea delivered her darling puppies on November 25th. Chelsea is a captivating beauty with a gentle disposition. Justin is a confident lad with a playful, endearing spirit. Their puppies will be in the large miniature/small medium size range (approx. 25-35 pounds) and inherit their parents’ lush, allergy/asthma friendly wavy fleece coats. 

Manor Lake Chelsea


Now here’s a girl who has it all! Manor Lake Chelsea is a clever and serene belle who will be welcoming her first litter this winter! Her topaz colored eyes and soft as a cloud fleece coat are so inviting, you just can’t help but want to love on this sweet girl every time she passes by. Her best friend is Manor Lake Pure Bliss, and they are so entertaining to watch as they play and romp around our backyard! We expect great things from Chelsea and are overjoyed to have her in our program! 

Manor Lake Just Do It "Justin"


Talk about a stunning boy! Justin is a lovable, playful bundle of cocoa bliss. With his blocky, athletic build, he can catch a ball better than the best wide receiver. He is well-liked by his doggy pals and is usually the first to initiate a friendly game of catch in the backyard. His silky, wavy fleece chocolate coat is allergy/asthma friendly. We look forward to these traits being passed on to his future puppies. Welcome to the team, Justin!