We proudly present these sweet bundles of love from Mia Hamm x Oliver Twist. Mia delivered her puppies on October 18th, 2019.   Now accepting applications! They will be twenty to twenty-five pounds at full maturity and ready for homes mid-December.  (Pictured from left: five males and one female).

About Mia Hamm: Our Mia Hamm is the most adoring and darling little girl you can imagine. One of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet, she loves to snuggle and give kisses! She is usually the first to greet you when you enter a room, loves car rides and prefers to ride in the front seat with her paws on the dashboard to see where we’re going. She has radiant apricot/red fleece and sparkling brown eyes underneath that cute fringe. We can’t say enough about this little love, and we are excited to see what wonderful puppies she produces. Her litters will inherit her phenomenal temperament, correct blocky build and soft allergy/asthma friendly fleece.

About Oliver Twist: Oliver Twist is the new favorite boy here at Manor Lake. He’s smart, gorgeous, and has managed to form his own little “pickpocket” gang. He schemes a heist to procure extra treats for him and his group of juvenile followers. Multiple heists have been pulled off as Oliver is smart enough to open doors and jump around to reach the treat box and toss them down to his mates. He really is one of the most clever dogs we’ve seen and that combined with his amazing particolored markings make us proud to call him one of the Manor Lake family.


Roxy is now 6 months old and she is SOOOO cute! She is super sweet, smart and devoted. Currently, she is about 23 pounds. She loves to be around our kids and other dogs.  She also loves water, fetching and digging in the sand at the beach. We have taken her sailing a few times and she does well on the boat. We absolutely love her and could not have asked for a better puppy for our family.

- The Schuler Butler Family

Bloom is the offspring of Lady Nora and Cloud Catchers Limited Edition Eddie. Happy birthday to all her brothers and sisters. It is nice to see her sisters Bella Nora and Molly on your blog. We think Bloom is a little bit smaller (26 pounds and 18 inches). But she is also very smart and well behaved. She loves to play with kids and her Doodle’s sister’ and friends.
It has been a wonderful year. Thank you so much for our lovely Bloom.

- Babette and Jörgen

We are amazed as to how smart Bella and Molly are. People always comment on how beautiful and well behaved they are. Our kids love them. We can’t picture our lives without Bella and Molly. We are grateful to Manor Lake for giving us two wonderful Labradoodles. Bella and Molly enjoying each other’s company in the backyard. Thank you so much.

- Maria, Maureen and family

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