Mochi x Top Chef – Medium Puppies

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We’ve Got The Inside Scoop On These Cutie Pies!

Join us in welcoming our latest pairing from Mochi x Top Chef! Mochi delivered her puppies on October, 8th. We are blown away by the array of unique markings her babies have. They are already so affectionate and observant, just like our Mochi. During the day, they nap nestled up against each other and when they are awake, they tilt their little heads at every new sight and sound. We are so excited to watch them grow in the upcoming weeks and see what traits they develop from their amazing, fun-loving parents. They will be medium sized at full maturity, and ready for homes early December.

Manor Lake Mochi


Say hello to our resident parti girl, Manor Lake Mochi! Mochi is one of the sweetest little girls we have seen and her loving temperament is a joy to be around. She has a unique look with her fun parti markings. You can always count on Mochi to greet you with lots of kisses and pets. This girl is fun-loving and full of smiles. We can’t wait to see what kind of gorgeous color combinations her puppies end up having!

Manor Lake Top Chef


Manor Lake Top Chef is an absolutely stunning boy. When Chef walks into the room, you take notice! He has a big, blocky build, broad chest and bold presence. This handsome boy has an exuberant and happy personality and has never met a dog or person he doesn’t like. When he’s not playing with his friends and seeing how dirty he can get, he enjoys sitting next to you with his head on your knee smiling at you and hoping for scratches. He will pass along his amazing looks and temperament along with his amazingly soft, wavy fleece coat.