Our Boys

Please see below for information on our breeding males.


We are proud to welcome Love Bug aka “Patches”, a sweet boy we are thrilled to add to our program. Patches is always waiting at the door to welcome you with excitement and an invitation to play. True to his name, he is so charming and cuddly – a total “love bug”! His snow white fleece is angel soft and makes him an absolute showstopper when he’s out on the town. This darling boy has a playful spirit and loving demeanor that he will pass on, along with his beautiful fleece and excellent build.


This boy is really the Boss of his breed! Hugo is the beautiful offspring of our famous Ruby and Soupy and he really personifies everything we love about his parents! He has an amazingly blocky build for his miniature size, an absolutely gorgeous red coat that is highly sought after. His sweet personality puts this special boy over the top. Hugo has traveled with us and been a wonderful ambassador for Manor Lake, creating a stir and attracting attention from everyone he comes across! He just loves to soak up the love he gets!


Manor Lake proudly welcomes Jimmy Choo to our program! Jimmy’s parents, Vera Wang and Hugo Boss are two of our sweetest dogs, so it comes at no surprise that this boy has captured our hearts with his affectionate personality! He always greets you with a beaming smile and the gentlest bear hug you’ll ever encounter.  Like the shoe brand he is named after, Jimmy Choo is a coveted addition to our program with his loving, therapy-like temperament and silky soft wavy fleece coat that is allergy and asthma friendly!


We are delighted to welcome Just Do It aka “Justin” to the Manor Lake breeding program! With is tuxedo markings and winning charm, Justin is quite the dapper gentleman. We can’t wait to see these traits passed on to his future puppies. 


Webster’s Dictionary defines “legacy” as something of value or a quality handed down, and we at Manor Lake believe that our Manor Lake Lasting Legacy has an endless amount of qualities to pass on to his puppies! Legacy is a handsome show stopper with a stunning apricot/cream silky fleece coat and miniature build. His bright eyes, intelligence, and playfully sweet personality are some of his greatest charms. He possesses all of the quintessential Manor Lake markers we look for in our stud program including his non-shedding, allergy friendly, wavy fleece coat.    


Our very red and handsome Maximus is of age and has entered into our elite breeding program! He has just sired his first litter. We just can’t say enough about this stud!  Once again, Maximus carries on our Manor Lake stamp with his nice blocky structure and allergy/asthma friendly, non-shedding coat.


We took one look at this pup and exclaimed, “He has to be in our breeding program! It’s ‘meant to be!’ It turns out we were absolutely right. He has grown into the handsomest specimen with his beautiful apricot wavy-fleece coat, his stocky build, and his friendly, easy-going demeanor. We’re excited to have Emmett in our breading program and we’re expecting great things!


Oliver Twist is the new favorite boy here at Manor Lake. He’s smart, gorgeous, and has managed to form his own little “pickpocket” gang. He schemes a heist to procure extra treats for him and his group of juvenile followers. Multiple heists have been pulled off as Oliver is smart enough to open doors and jump around to reach the treat box and toss them down to his mates. He really is one of the most clever dogs we’ve seen and that combined with his amazing parti colored markings make us proud to call him one of the Manor Lake family.


This gorgeous stud is the offspring of the beloved Tegan Park Royal Flush and Manor Lake Cocoa Chanel. He has the most breathtaking chocolate coat and the sweetest temperament to match! This pedigree represents everything we love in our Manor Lake dogs: amazing conformation, sweet disposition, and Manor Lake’s signature non-shedding and allergy-friendly fleece coat!


Introducing an exciting addition to our program, Manor Lake Top Chef! This boy is absolutely stunning with his big blocky build, broad chest and bold presence. When Chef walks into a room, you take notice! This handsome boy has an exuberant and happy personality and has never met a dog or person he doesn’t like. When he’s not playing with his friends and seeing how dirty he can get, he enjoys sitting next to you with his head on your knee smiling at you and hoping for scratches. He will pass along his amazing looks and temperament along with his amazingly soft, wavy fleece coat.


Whatever happens with Vegas…well… it ends up on our web pages!! Manor Lake Vegas is a stunning red fleece, small-medium male. He’s produced gorgeous puppies with wonderful personalities and temperaments just like him. Vegas has been exceptional from the get go. Vegas got to fly in-cabin  with us fall of 2017 to NYC for our annual conference where he made instant friends wherever he went, especially the NYC SWAT Team! Vegas currently resides in nearby Lynden with his guardian family. Whenever it is time for Vegas to “honeymoon” he is always very happy to fulfill his duties! Vegas has a very soft wavy fleece coat that is allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding. These desirable traits will be passed along to his puppies as well.