Please see below for information on our breeding females!



The dazzling Miss Audrey Hepburn has captured our hearts with her radiance and charm. A loyal companion to all, her favorite activities include curling up on the couch to the sounds of the TV and sauntering about in the kitchen with us. We expect her puppies to exhibit an abundance of colors and unique markings on their lush, allergy/asthma friendly fleece coats. With her classic good looks and sweet temperament, it’s hard not to fall for this sparkling young beauty.


Manor Lake Brooklyn Lights is a gorgeous medium-sized girl with a stocky build, nice conformation and a great temperament. She is very sweet, playful and affectionate. Brooklyn loves to give hugs and be around her doggy and human friends.  She has a gentle soul and is a joy to be around! Just like all our Manor Lake dogs, she is allergy/asthma friendly, non-shedding and represents all the qualities we look for in our breeding dogs.


Meet our current riveting red beauty, Cassie. This playful and adoring girl enjoys romping around outside with her close pals as well as accepting plenty of rubs from her favorite humans. She really is a ball of energy and happiness. Cassie has just welcomed her first litter of precious pups – a whopping 9 total! These puppies have some of the most vibrant red coats we have ever seen. We are so excited for this special girl to make her mark here at Manor Lake.


Now here’s a girl who has it all! Manor Lake Chelsea is a clever and serene beauty who will be welcoming her first litter just in time for the holiday season! Her topaz colored eyes and soft as a cloud fleece coat are so inviting, you just can’t help but want to love on this sweet girl every time she passes by. We expect great things from Chelsea and are so proud to welcome her into our program!


What could be better than a Deluxe Hazelnut Cream Coffee? Our Manor Lake Deluxe Hazelnut Cream aka Luxy! Luxy’s beautiful soulful hazel eyes twinkle in the light and her silky fleece coat is both allergy friendly and non-shedding! We are all excited to welcome her upcoming litter who will carry her gentle and easy-going spirit along with all the signature Manor Lake qualities.


Meet First Place Finisher, or as we call her, Rio! Rio comes from long (dare we say gold medal worthy?) Manor Lake lines, so it’s no surprise she’s such a doll. This affectionate girl is glad to give kisses to everyone she meets and loves to ride around with us taking in new sights and sounds. Don’t let her demure stature fool you though, she is a ball of fun. Like her parents and grandparents before her, Rio will pass her wonderful temperament and exceptional qualities onto her puppies. Like all our dogs, she has soft, wavy fleece which is allergy/asthma friendly and makes her the perfect cuddle partner.


Say hello to a Manor Lake rising diva, Hello It’s Me aka “Adele”. This stunning girl descends from truly exceptional Manor Lake parents and is ready to take her rightful place in the spotlight. Adele has incredibly soft, cream-colored fleece and intelligent eyes that never fail to catch your attention. She embodies everything we breed for here at Manor Lake. We cannot wait to see her future puppies.


Meet Manor Lake Jelly Bean! She is just as sweet as her name. Jelly Bean is a friendly and playful girl who loves to prance around with her favorite stuffed toy. She loves to hang out with us in the office and nap under a desk at our feet until it is time to go outside and play. We love her rich chocolate colored fleece coat that is both allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding. We just know she is going to be a great mom to her young and produce beautiful puppies.


Manor Lake Jewel is certainly as shiny and brilliant as her name would indicate! Let us tell you, this girl is super happy all of the time. You will seldom find her in a bad mood and will always find her with a stuffed toy in her mouth. Jewel loves her treats and napping at our feet in the office. She loves her humans very much! This small-medium sized beauty has the most radiant chocolate/café fleece. We are confident that her puppies will inherit her phenomenal temperament, personality, and blocky build.


Our Mia Hamm is the most adoring and darling little girl you can imagine. One of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet, she loves to snuggle and give kisses! She is usually the first to greet you when you enter a room, loves car rides and prefers to ride in the front seat with her paws on the dashboard to see where we’re going. She has radiant apricot/red fleece and sparkling brown eyes underneath that cute fringe. We can’t say enough about this little love, and we are excited to see what wonderful puppies she produces. Her litters will inherit her phenomenal temperament, correct blocky build and soft allergy/asthma friendly fleece.


Meet our dark beauty with a heart of gold, Miranda Lambert. Miranda is the daughter of stellar Manor Lake parents Burberry Brit and Blake Shelton, two exceptionally sweet dogs who passed down not only their amazing temperaments but solid bone structure as well. This little lady loves to go out and about with our staff where she confidently struts her stuff. Her wavy fleece is a dark, rich chocolate that draws the eye. She will pass her wonderful traits on to her puppies who, like her, will be allergy/asthma friendly and little to non-shedding.


Mocha is cutie pie who has both the energetic nature and rich chocolate color of her namesake! She enjoys playing fetch and racing her friends. Mocha loves people—she’s the first to meet you at the door or appear at your feet for attention when you sit on the couch. With her wonderful blocky structure and beautiful wavy coat, she’s the definition of adorable! She’s sure to pass on her eager to please temperament and good looks. She has a soft and wavy chocolate fleece coat that is allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding. We can’t wait to meet her future litters!


Say hello to the newest member of our Manor Lake family. Mochi is one of the sweetest little girls we have seen and her loving temperament is a joy to be around. She has a unique look with her fun parti markings. You can always count on Mochi to greet you with lots of kisses and pets. We can’t wait to see what kind of gorgeous color combinations her puppies end up having!


This darling girl couldn’t be any sweeter! Manor Lake Monteleone or “Mona” as she is known by her friends, is medium in size but immeasurable in heart and spirit! Mona is a happy-go-lucky go with the flow kinda gal. Like most of our Manor Lake dogs, she just loves to be with her favorite humans and with her doggy friends. She is not picky about her friends and gets along with everyone. We are very excited for her graduations into motherhood and can’t wait to see the spectacular litters she is sure to produce! Being the daughter to Nola and Emmett, two Manor Lake sweethearts, we expect nothing less. Mona has a very soft caramel/creamy apricot wavy fleece coat that is allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding.


Manor Lake Moroccan Spice “Momo” is a miniature size with a nice blocky build. She is sugar, spice and everything nice, just like her sweet mama, Spicy. She simply loves to play and splash in the water hence how she got the nickname “Splashy Spice” when she was a younger puppy! When Momo is not in mommy mode, she loves to nap on her favorite spot on the back of the sofa, go for car rides, chase after the ball and be with her friends. It goes without saying but we always say anyways, Momo is allergy friendly and non-shedding with a soft wavy fleece coat that she will pass on to her puppies.


Like the goddess of victory that is her namesake, our Nike represents excellence and charm. This beautiful girl is attentive, loving and so clever. With her square build and dark chocolate fleece, she epitomizes the Manor Lake standard. Nike is a regal presence in any room but not too dignified to have some fun! She loves to run and play with us on the back lawn and hunt for treats we hide around the house. It goes without saying but we still will, Nike Swoosh will pass along her soft wavy fleece which is allergy/asthma friendly and little to non-shedding.


Well ain’t she sweet!! Manor Lake North Star is the beautiful daughter of our Boston Cream Pie who recently retired from our program. We are so very excited to have her daughter taking her place to produce amazing and spectacular litters for us. North is a very nice girl who gets along with just about anyone and doesn’t cause a fuss with the other dogs. She is happy, playful, gentle and kind. North always keeps us laughing with your quirky human like expressions. She has soft and flowing cream and apricot fleece. We have no doubt that North will pass on her wonderful temperament and beautiful blocky build, along with her allergy and asthma friendly and non-shedding fleece coat.


Rosemary is the newest addition to the Manor Lake family. At a whopping twelve pounds she is the smallest dog we’ve ever had in our program. Rosemary is the definition of serenity, her angelic like temperament makes her an excellent candidate as a therapy service animal and we expect her puppies to have the same trait. Though, that doesn’t mean she can’t be a playful little princess when the time calls for it. She loves to play fetch with sticks and tennis balls! Unfortunately, she can’t quite fit a whole tennis ball in her mouth so we got the mini version for her and she’s never been happier. We are so excited she has joined our family and we can’t wait to see what her puppies are going to look like.


We would like to welcome our sweet little Manor Lake Sangria to our breeding program! Sangria is a very sweet and friendly girl who the living the easy, breezy beach life on Galveston Island with her guardian family She just welcomed her first litter in July 2018. She has a very mild and well-mannered personality. She loves to relax against the sofa and hang out. Sangria is a gorgeous red miniature with a soft and wavy fleece coat that is allergy/asthma friendly and non-shedding.


Manor Lake Sriracha is sweeter than her name would indicate! This gal gets her name more from her spectacular red coloring. In fact, she has one of the reddest coats we have ever seen! Siri, as we like to call her for short, is an easy-going girl with an unwavering loyalty to the people she loves. This, along with her wavy fleece, allergy/asthma friendly coat will surely be passed on to her puppies.


Introducing to our program, Sweet Pepper Jelly! This girl not only has that coveted red coat, but she has a darling personality to match. We are so excited to welcome her first litter of 9 gorgeous puppies, some having inherited her red wavy fleece coat and others who had some unexpected but gorgeous color combinations. This girl is quickly becoming a favorite here at Manor Lake because of her eagerness to get to know everyone she comes across. One look into her heartwarming chocolatey brown eyes and she becomes your instant best friend!