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Meant to be a Promise x San Diego

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Meant to be a Promise and San Diego’s 11 healthy and adorable puppies! On March 15, 2022 Promise brought us an incredible 7 beautiful females and 4 dapper males. Their puppies are various shades of red, apricot and white parti with wavy fleece coats that are allergy and asthma friendly as well as non-shedding. Their puppies will be miniature in size, weighing approximately 20-25 pounds at full maturity. Promise’s puppies are 4 weeks old and learning the appropriate place to go potty! At 3 weeks we introduce our potty-pad-training system and they are picking it up quickly! Their little personalities are beginning to show themselves and they are participating in lots of puppy play!

True to her name, Promise is assuring in her love and committed to her people. She is tender and gentle, and loves to share kisses! Diego is a cuddle-bug, he has the warmest heart with a contagious smile! He wiggles his little rump in excitement whenever we return home and makes us feel oh so loved!

Please email us for more information about this dashing litter at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com

Birthday Cake Funfetti aka "Fetti" X Southern Gentlman aka "Beau"

It is with great excitement we introduce you to Birthday Cake Funfetti and Southern Gentleman’s 4 healthy and beautiful puppies; born on May 3rd! Fetti brought us 2 adorable female puppies and 2 handsome boys. All caramel in color with allergy and asthma friendly coats that are wavy fleece and non-shedding! We are expecting Fetti’s puppies to be right about 20 pounds at full maturity. In a couple weeks their eyes and ears will open, and Fetti’s puppies will be ready for their forever homes the last week of June – get ready for a Summer of love!

Fetti is intelligent and has such a wonderful sense of humor! She brings a smile to everyone’s face that meets her, she is incredibly loving and playful. Beau is one of our smartest boys! He is the king of affection and has so much love to give. He is the sweetest lap dog and enjoys cuddling on the couch and watching evening television!

Please email us for more information about this spectacular litter at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com

Jelly Bean X So Fire aka "Ferrari"

It is a pleasure to share that on May 16, 2022 our sweet Jelly Bean brought us five beautiful and healthy puppies! We were gifted three striking boys and two lovely girls; her three boys pictured on the left, and girls on the right. Jelly Bean’s puppies will be large miniatures at full maturity, between 25-30 pounds and have wavy-fleece coats that are both allergy and asthma friendly, as well as non-shedding! In the coming weeks their eyes and ears will begin to open. They will be ready for their forever homes July 13th, so mark your calendars!

As Jelly Bean’s name suggests, she is oh so sweet! She is friendly, playful, and so affectionate! She happily greets us home whenever we arrive and is just a joy to be around. Ferrari is gentle and intuitive! He has a therapy-like temperament and enjoys going on any kind of adventure: boat rides, running errands, or long walks on the beach.

Please email us for more information about this incredible litter at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com 

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