Upcoming Litters

Manor Lake does our best to accurately predict timing of all upcoming litters. Mother Nature does play a role in this, and can sometimes affect the timing of heat cycle, as well as the availability for one of our studs. Manor Lake reserves the right to use a different stud than what is originally posted. In a time, such as this, we will do our absolute best to change the stud to another who will bring us puppies of equal size and colors. While it is unlikely, there may be a time when an upcoming planned litter may be replaced with an entirely different pairing. In instances such as this, we will notify the families and suggest another litter of similar size and coloring. Manor Lake reserves the right to hold back any breeding quality puppies for our breeding program from all of our upcoming litters.

To be placed on a litter reservation list, please submit your application and deposit! We are always happy to answer questions via email at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com

Winter 2022/23

Pasadena aka "Dena" X Oliver Twist aka "Oliver"

Who wants to ring in the new year with the love of a beautiful parti puppy that is cuddly, intelligent, and affectionate!? The pairing between Dena and Oliver is very exciting for us! This is their third litter together, and their puppies of past litters have shared both Dena and Oliver’s loving, affectionate, and therapy-like temperaments. Dena is easy-going, calm, and cuddly, but she also has a playful side! Especially when it comes to playing with her sister Hermosa Beach aka “Misty.” Oliver is brilliant, he one of our smartest dogs, he can even open doors! He is also incredibly sweet, calm, and easy-going. As two of our smallest breeding dogs, we are expecting their puppies to be about 20 pounds at full maturity! Their puppies will be in various shades of red, caramel, and parti. Dena is due about mid November, and her babies will be ready to go home shortly after the New Year, early-mid January! Please email us for more information at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com

Meant to be a Secret X Southern Gentleman AKA "Beau"

Extra! Extra, read all about it! Our beautiful Secret and the oh so handsome Beau will be expecting another litter together! This will be their second litter together, and boy are we excited about it! Secret is a stunning girl, on the inside and out. She has an infectious smile and a happy-go-lucky demeanor; it is impossible not to love every bit of this girl! She has confidence and class, she is easy-going and calm, with a playful spirit. Beau is beauty and brains. It was easy to recognize his brilliance when he learned to go up and down the stairs on his own. He is also so affectionate, laying in your lap and giving kisses is his favorite place to be! He too has a contagious smile and the warmest heart. Secret and Beau’s puppies will boast beautiful red and caramel-red coats and will be about 20 pounds at full maturity. Their puppies before had incredible friendly and loving temperaments and check all the boxes. We are ecstatic about this pairing! Secret’s puppies should be born around the New Year and will be ready to go home around early March. Please email us for more information! Office@manorlakelabradoodles.com 

Spring 2023

Sheeza Pearl X Theodore

Guiltless chocolate, it doesn’t get much better than that! We are excitedly preparing for Spring litter with Pearl and Theodore! Pearl and Theo share similar temperaments and demeanors that are friendly and affectionate! We have hit the jackpot with Pearl with her sweet and caring therapy-like temperament. She is intuitive and playful, she is a wonderful companion and mother. Theo has a happy-go lucky personality. You will either find Theo chasing a ball in the yard or cuddling up for love and pets. His tail wags with non-stop happiness and he has a magnetic personality and infectious radiance, you won’t want him to ever leave your side! These two should bring us beautiful chocolate, cafe, and caramel puppies that will be about 25 pounds at full maturity. Their coats will be wavy-fleece and allergy and asthma friendly as well as non-shedding. We would be happy to talk with you about Pearl’s upcoming litter via email at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com, thank you!

Ruby Slipper X Royal Dynasty aka "RD"

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! That is this pairing between Ruby and RD! Our two biggest dogs will be breeding together in the coming months. We are so happy there is so much of Ruby and Royal to love! Ruby is such an affectionate girl, she is never too far away: at the ready to please you or “sneak” onto your lap for some love! She enjoys cuddles and bear hugs, and running after the ball. RD has such a warm and friendly spirit, he captures the heart of everyone who meets him! He has caring and expressive eyes with the happiest demeanor. He too loves affection and is always up for an adventure. Ruby and RD will bring us puppies of all shades: cream, caramel, red, and chocolate! They will be standard dogs, most likely 50+ pounds at full maturity. Ruby should be coming into heat shortly and we are anticipating her puppies will be ready to go early April! Their puppies will be allergy & asthma friendly as well as non-shedding. Please email us for inquiries: office@manorlakelabradoodles.com, thank you!

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