Available Older Puppies

If you are looking for a puppy ready to come home to you right away, our older puppies are a great option for you! Please contact us for more information about our darling older puppies we have available at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com Thank you!


Sunny is sunshine on a cloudy day! He has the most gentle, sweet, and loving temperament. He will be about 20 pounds at full maturity, making him the perfect size for travel, snuggles, and companion. He is ready to join his forever family and has so much love to give! His coat is apricot with white markings that is asthma and allergy friendly as well as non-shedding. 


Teddy is cute as button! Playful, friendly, confident and affectionate is he! Teddy will be about 20 pounds at full maturity making him a perfect travel companion and cuddler. He is ready to join his forever family and has endless love, kisses, and personality to give! His beautiful red coat is allergy and asthma friendly as well as non-shedding.

Older Trained Puppies

It is with great excitement we can offer families selected older trained puppies for an additional cost. Over our several week training program, your puppy will various on and off leash training, that will be practiced in a variety of settings and environments. 

Candidates for our Training Program

Ace of Spades aka "Ace"

Jack of Hearts aka "Jack"

Ace and Jack are beginning stages of our training program! Over the next several weeks they will master on and off leash commands. Including, but not limited to: sit, wait, come and load up. They will practice these commands in various settings and environments. Ace and Jack will have completed the program and will be ready to join their forever families just in time for Christmas! They are both medium sized boys, who will be about 35-40 pounds at full maturity. They have wonderfully sweet, loving and playful temperaments; making them the ideal family dog! If you are interested in bringing Ace or Jack home to join your family, please email us at office@manorlakelabradoodles.com, thank you!

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