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Thank you for your interest in our multi-generational Australian Labradoodles! We are delighted to assist you in bringing home one of our puppies! Please email us for additional information at [email protected], thank you!

Sheeza Pearl X Theodore

Let’s indulge in some guiltless chocolate! Our beautiful and charming Pearl brought us eight delectable and adorable puppies. Four girls and four boys. These beauties have rich chocolate/cafe and apricot colored coats that are non-shedding as well as asthma and allergy friendly! We are expecting Pearls’ puppies to be large miniatures and right about 25 pounds at full maturity, but possibly up to 30.

We hit the jackpot with Pearl! She is an amazing mother with the sweetest and most caring therapy-like temperament. She is intuitive and loyal, and is a wonderful companion. She also has a playful side and cracks us up as bounds around outside. She is the full package and a great family dog!

Theo has a happy-go-lucky personality! He is a feel-good boy that is affectionate and playful. Theo loves to chase the ball in the yard, just as much as he loves to cuddle and get pets. He is non-stop happiness with a magnetic personality and infectious radiance. You’ll want him by your side just as much as he wants to be there.

Pearl’s puppies are two weeks old and their eyes and ears are starting to open. They will soon be playing with each other and exploring their surroundings. We cannot wait to see who these spectacular puppies grow into! They will be ready to go home late April. Please email our office for inquiries at [email protected], thank you!

Lucky Charm X Jalapeno aka "Hal"

Chocolate delight! Our sweet and silly Lucky Charm brought us five scrumptious little puppies, three boys (left) and two girls (right). Her beautiful babies boast beautiful chocolate/cafe and caramel coats that are non-shedding as well as asthma and allergy friendly! Lucky’s sweet babes will be small miniatures, at full maturity we are expecting them to be 20 pounds or less.

Little miss Lucky is our little goofball girl. Her human-like quirkiness keeps us entertained and smiling day in and day out. Lucky is sweet as can be and has a happy-go-lucky demeanor! She is happiest in your lap soaking up cuddles or sitting for treats. She is highly intelligent, inquisitive, and gentle. Our little love muffin!

Hal is our stud muffin! He is proof that good things come in small packages. This boy is affectionate, friendly and so adoring! He is the definition of sweetness and loving. He is your loyal companion and cuddle buddy, yet he has a playful and floofy side. He is the full package. You just cannot get enough of the darling boy!

Lucky’s puppies eyes and ears will be opening up very soon! Before long, they will begin to take in their surroundings and interact with each other, bring on puppy playtime! Her sweet peas will be ready to go home early May. Please submit your application and email us with inquiries at [email protected], thank you!

Cinnamon Roll X Waffle

Cinnamon Rolls and Waffles, it truly doesn’t get any sweeter than that! Our warm and loving Cinnamon has gifted us ten incredible puppies! Six girls and four boy, left and right respectively. These beautiful puppies boast splendid caramel coats and some have peakaboo white markings. We are expecting Cinnamon’s puppies to be about 25 pounds, give or take, at full maturity. Their coats are non-shedding, as well as asthma and allergy friendly!

Cinnamon is the queen of affection and love! She has an easy-going, adoring, therapy-like temperament. She is highly intelligent and a loyal companion. Cinnamon is never too far away, she loves to cuddle, play with her dog friends and giving love! 

Waffle is such a showstopper! He wears an infectious smile and the has the sweetest and softed eyes. Waffle is such a gift with his mellow and gentle temperament, he is quite a gentleman!  You can see his touch on the puppies with their unique white markings. 

Cinnamon’s puppies will be ready to go home mid-May! In the coming weeks their eyes and ears will open and they will begin to take in everything around them. We cannot wait to see who these puppies grow into! Please submit your application and email us at [email protected], thank you!

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