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Thank you for your interest in our multi-generational Australian Labradoodles! We are delighted to assist you in bringing home one of our puppies! Please email us for additional information at [email protected], thank you!

Meant to be a Secret X Southern Gentleman aka "Beau"

Oooo we are elated these sweet puppies are here! There’s a reason why we repeated this pairing, it is almost too good to be true! Our sweet Secret is just so lovely. This girl will calm you with her presence, she is a joy to be around! Loving, gentle, and therapy-like temperament are just a few words we would use to describe her. Her beauty is her personality and her good looks. Beau is our “big” lover! While this guy is one of our smallest studs, he has more than enough love to give! He will spoil you with affection. Beau is also highly intelligent, it almost gets him into trouble. He is just an all around great dog, from his smarts, playfulness, and love, we just cannot get enough of him!

Secret’s puppies boast beautiful shades of red, apricot and caramel coats that are non-shedding as well as asthma and allergy friendly. These sweet little ones will be about 15-20 pounds at full maturity. They will have wonderfully sweet, mild-mannered temperaments. They will be ready to go home mid/late September.

At six weeks old, Secret’s puppies are exploring their surroundings and participating in lots of puppy play! They are taking in the world around them. They are continuing to eat Earthborn Unrefined Smoked Turkey with Ancient Grains and Superfoods. They have mastered the potty-pad using our training system! Their personalities are coming out each day, they are so smart and sweet!

Please submit your application and email us your interest in Secret’s puppies at [email protected]. Thank you!

Carolina Herrera X Waffle

Our beautiful and beloved Carolina is a mom again! Carolina has classic Australian Labradoodle good-looks. She has light dazzling eyes that are expressive and warm with the sweetest temperament to match! She is one of our smartest and brightest dogs. Carolina is kind, intuitive, and has a therapy-like temperament. Waffle is as handsome as they come! He has a stunning caramel-red coat with white markings that has proved to be quite the show-stopper. Waffle knows how to captivate a room! He is calm, affectionate, gentle and easy-going. He wears an unbeatable smile with the softest eyes.

Carolina brought us nine stunning puppies! Five handsome boys and four beautiful girls. They boast beautiful cream, caramel, and parti coats that non-shedding, asthma and allergy friendly. These beautiful pups will be ready to go home end of September! We are expecting them to be between 17-27 pounds at full maturity.

At six weeks old, Carolina’s puppies are busy taking in the world around them! They are exploring their surroundings and participating in lots of puppy play. They are continuing to Earthborn Unrefined Smoked Turkey with Ancient Grains and Superfoods. Carolina’s babies are so smart too! They have quicly learned the right place to go potty using our potty pad training system! Their precious personalities are starting to show a little more each day. They are so, so sweet, loving, and inquisitive!

Please submit your application and email us your interest at [email protected], thank you!

Blue Bell Cookie Two Step X Jimmy Choo

It is hard to contain ourselves around these adorable puppies! The beautiful and ever so gentle and sweet Blue Bell Cookie Two Step, brought us seven delightful puppies! Blue is equal parts sweetness and loving as she is playful. Blue loves to play catch outside, no distance is too challenging for her! While she can run and fetch like none other, she also is the biggest cuddle bug! Jimmy is much like Blue in that regards as well. This boy has a therapy-like temperament that cannot be beat! He is affectionate and adoring and captures the heart of everyone lucky enough to meet him. Jimmy gives the sweeteset hugs and a beaming smile that captivates a room. These two are a match made in heaven!

Of Blue’s seven puppies, we have one lone ranger and six stunning girls! Her boy is pictured on the left-hand side of the picture collages. Her puppies boast beautiful parti, caramel, and apricot coats! Their coats are non-shedding, asthma and allergy friendly. We are anticipating them to be between 17-23 pounds at full maturity. These beautiful babies will be ready to go home the beginning of October!

At two-weeks old Blue’s eyes and ears are starting to open! They will begin taking in their surroundings and before too long they will be up walking around exploring and learning where to go potty.

Please submit your application and email us your inquiries at [email protected], thank you!

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