What Comes With Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle puppy

On pick up day you will receive a packet that comes with the following:

  • Two-year health guarantee
  • Registration with the ALAA
  • Vaccination record: Your puppies vaccination record will include all the shots and deworming medications your puppy has received up to their 8 weeks mark. You will want to bring this record with you to your puppy’s first check up vet appointment, this needs to be done within 72 hours of receiving your puppy.
  • Microchip
  • BuddyID brochure: All of our puppies go to their forever homes with a microchip and number. You can register your puppy’s microchip number in your name at buddyid.com. The brochure will walk you through the steps to do this.
  • Trupanion information: Prior to picking up your puppy, you will need to sign up for a complimentary 30 day free trial of Trupanion pet insurance. Trupanion Pet Insurance and Manor Lake have partnered together to offer you free, no-wait-period pet insurance. You can set it up by calling (855) 312-0917 or on their website trupanion.com You will not need to supply them with payment information, the 30 day trial will end on its own, unless you choose to continue service. Accidents do happen and we want you to feel safe and secure with your new puppy!
  • BAXTER and Bella online training information: With a special Manor Lake code you will receive a discount for BAXTER and Bella’s online training program. You receive access to online puppy school, training tips, and trainer support for the lifetime of your dog. Amy and her family are excellent trainers and explain everything you need to know about being a new dog owner in easy to follow videos. She and her family train service dogs and are very knowledgeable. We highly recommend their services!
  • Grooming card: One of the many great qualities about Australian labradoodles is their allergy friendly and minimal/non-shedding coat. Similar to human hair, Australian labradoodles’ fur will continuously grow, requiring them to be groomed. This can be done by your trusted local groomer or you can take a more hands-on approach, which is why we provide you a handy grooming card by the ALAA for tips on maintaining the traditional labradoodle look.
  • Blanket: Your puppy will come to you with a small blanket with their littermates and mothers scent, helping them ease into their new forever home!
  • Food: As you prepare to bring your puppy home, we encourage you to buy the Kirkland Signature “Natures Domain Puppy Chicken and Pea Formula” available at Costco, a couple days before your scheduled pickup day to ensure it arrives in time. Just in case though, we will give you a small bag of food.
  • Leash and collar: When you receive your puppy he/she will not be leash trained. Since we microchip our puppies in the back of their necks, we hold off on putting on collars until they go home with you. It is good practice to put the collar and attach the leash to your puppy in your home, let them get used to the unfamiliar feeling by running around.
  • Lifetime support from the Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles team
  • Veterinarian visit report: your puppy receives their 8 week check up before their pickup day, ensuring their health at the time of pickup

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